Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment - Comments


“Your profound insights are enormously encouraging, an awakening, a wonderful inspiration for me,

and I feel so fortunate to have found them. Your experiences in Spirit are conveyed so clearly and

simply … I find them truly uplifting. Every day I read some pages and always seem to find something

new. I feel extremely grateful that you chose to write of your experience … your legacy is to inspire

countless other people, and to enrich their lives as you have mine.    ML


… your writings from personal experience have helped crystallise my sense of “Being” in Reality.

Your notes on waking from the dream or illusion we mistake for life and the sense of non-attachment to

the world this engenders … greatly assist me in releasing my conditioned perception. It is wonderful to find that someone living so near me, geographically, can write with such clarity and, knowing that you are here in the flesh confirming the truth of the possibility of waking up, has been a great affirmation to me and is supporting me in my own journey of awaking or coming home. Thank you so much.   L


What heavenly symphony … a giant of a book … full of wonder, love and spiritual beauty… an earthly celebration of all that is not earth. Your experiences are the most precious and valuable I have ever heard first hand; they reveal and reinforce with such clarity the spirit I’ve always known but constantly lose. A shining, guiding star, your wonderful book will never be far from (my) hand.   CA


A spiritual classic … It is indeed a book to be read again and again. Over time it yields fresh insights and endlessly deepening layers of meaning as the reader’s own spiritual unfoldment reveals treasures that were hitherto concealed.   GW


Interesting is an understatement – it was mind blowingly wonderful. John, I cannot explain in words what reading your book has done for me. I feel I’ve found what I’ve been searching for.   RM