Mystic Naturally

In Africa 1988/89

I didn’t go to Africa with any intention of finding desert, but that’s how it worked out. And looking back, all else that happened seems somehow substantially less. That’s what is odd about mystic experience. It turns life the other way round. The ‘everything’ seems ‘nothing’, and vice versa.
In desert, great spaces stretch us, too. Silence takes attention incomparably further, deeper than discursive mind, and solitude helps us discover spiritually perfect One – the ultimate of all we’ve ever longed for.
Written in 1988/9 at a time of personal and social confusion, this book illustrates both the forlorn condition of man’s mortal nature and the spiritual way home. Desert has always been part of mystic experience. Blessed to have had the opportunity to go there, I’m glad to be able to share it.

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