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John Butler was a pioneer of what we now call ‘Organic farming’ which, to him, was simply, “A good farmer leaves the land better than he found it.” In these videos spanning 45 years, he beautifully illustrates his love of Mother Earth – the very ‘Ground of our being’, his great- grandfather’s tools and … the essential pig.

1. Three Acres at Bicker Fen (1975) (24:32)

John Butler and his wife Shirley made a living from three acres in the Lincolnshire fens, working by hand out of love for the soil. They were genuine pioneers of what is now called ‘Organic farming’, but to them it was simply natural. It stars John (aged 38), Shirley and the essential pig.

2. Return to Bicker - John Butler on the Cycle of Life (2019) (15:49)

In this You Tube conversation, John talks about the Cycles of Life and Natural Law - describes how modern farming 'steals' from the land, and considers the rooks, nesting in ash trees he planted many years ago, which 'Make it all worthwhile.'

3. In the toolshed with John Butler (2019) (16:34)

On one last visit to his old farm in Bicker, Lincolnshire, John takes us inside the barn and gives us an insight into Working for Love, by hand, with 'A tool for every job' - some of them used since his great-grandfather's day.

4. Taught by Farming (2017) (27:05)

From a country childhood accustomed to space, silence and giving attention, John Butler became one of the first organic farmers, avoided machinery to work by hand and found that these qualities naturally opened up to spiritual awareness.

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