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Mystic Verses - Parts I & II (two volumes)

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Words fail as heart expands unlimited in Spirit, though sometimes, surprisingly, poetry rising, concisely, precisely suffices …

‘Destined to Joy’ and ‘Do you pray for me?’

Mystic verses – Parts 1 and 2 together

In these 2 pocket-sized, companion volumes of 180 pages each, John presents the dawning of Oneself – our One complete existence, in all considered separate or lost today. His clear sighted, simple words, written directly from experience, encourage us to seriously receive those spiritual ‘Treasures in Heaven’ which bring enlightenment to worldly life and accompany the soul beyond the grave …

‘Masterly … poetry is a powerful medium for the spiritual life. Succinctness … and openness to the unknown lead us better along the way’. DG

‘They flow so freely you must be truly aligned with what you really are’. CA

‘An amazing literary work of great spiritual depth’. EC

A Kindle version is available here.

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