Organic farming

At best when based upon the principle of wholeness, in body, mind and spirit – though that is simpler stated than achieved. With many examples throughout my books, here is one of the first, from ‘Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment’, page 21:

“I knew heaven this morning, as sunshine lit the frosty land. At first I shared it with a little bird, then with a puddle, and then with cattle, steaming softly in the yard below. And then a man came, and he alone of all creation, knew it not.”

… and last, from ‘Mystic Approaches’, page 49:

“At a motorway garden-centre, I recently saw nearly every aspect of rural life presented in a dumbed-down, pre-digested, packet form to disconnected, urbanised consumers. This further stage of farming processed through the mind of man illustrates how nature as a whole is broken down to separate, conflicting lives which of necessity must struggle to survive. Like the Kingdom of Heaven, life lived in harmony upon the land has now become for many a matter of nostalgia, idealised as a dream, an unreal fairy-tale. Nonetheless, as this and further chapters show, both in fact are alive and well, the realest of the real which, without doubt, can still be found, experienced and enjoyed today.”