All is One

There may be many paths up the mountain but, as the sages encourage us, there is only one summit.

As there’s usually something more in process of ‘becoming’, I include a few samples:

Lord Jesus Christ, and then – no more to say;
Whatever mantra, prayer it was just melts away,
Being taken up, I know not how or where
Until returned to uttermost content, a smile
Of sweetest dreams transcended, all frustrations ended,
And only bits of body left to fidget for a while.

Prayer is substantial – invisible, spiritual substance that binds everything together in perfect harmony – original perfection. To the world, of course, it seems insubstantial, inconsequential, but everything out there’s the wrong way round.
Prayer puts it right. How great is its influence? How great is the need? Where, what is wrong if not my own view? It’s my polluted consciousness – being my responsibility – to clean my act. So great is scope for good. “Smile, and the world smiles with you”. The Divine smile supersedes all measurement of man.

To a young friend who has lost his girl:
I couldn’t do much more than hold her hand
And gaze into her eyes.
I’m old now.
People say I’m wise.
If so, it’s come – surprise,
From losing all I’d planned
In hope for happiness.
God chastens those he loves
And purges, that they fruit the more.
Love takes away – to give the more.