Charitable Trust

The Spiritual Unfoldment Charitable Trust  

is founded with the objects:  

1. to preserve, publish and promote by books, videos, audios and all means possible the gifts of spiritual realisation and mystic insight (as granted to John Butler);   

2. to encourage spiritual work, the impulse to seek and find, by personal example, prayer and meditation, occasional meetings or supporting other means to give access to nature, space and silence and, in particular, the natural practices of being present (feet on the ground) and using common sense (looking, listening etc,);  

3. To develop realisation of and discrimination between the natural and the unnatural;   

4. towards deeper understanding of the human condition (sin), its lawful consequence, the diminishing of separated ego ‘me’, the raising of spiritual consciousness, and return to the unity of all.  

How can I help?  As with all spiritual work:  

1 – By devotion to God  

2 – By personal practice – e.g. prayer, meditation, study  

3 – By service to others  

So please consider supporting ‘The Work‘ of The Spiritual Unfoldment Charitable Trust:

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