The entire content of the website/videos/books/live conversations is rooted in John Butler’s life experiences: the insights he has gained, the lessons he has learnt, and the realisations that were given to him, as well as new questions and insights that are continuously unfolding and may shed new light on previously released content. There is no intention to imply that any practice or mental-spiritual orientation that he has found rewarding and valuable is universally beneficial at all times, at every stage of life, and for everyone. When any terminology from established religious, spiritual, mystical, or philosophical traditions is used, it is solely for the purpose of a comparative frame of reference. There is no intention to justify or disseminate the principles, views, or ethical code of any particular doctrine, spiritual movement, teacher, religion, consciousness discipline, or philosophical school. 

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At times, the author/speaker’s recollections of his experiences include other persons; the interactions with these people and the circumstances are not discussed in full detail, and their memories of the events may be different. The book/video  is not intended to criticise or upset anyone. We regret any unintentional harm that might result from the publishing of this material.