The Work

THE WORK – is, simply (while expressed in a thousand ways) – return to the Presence of God – particularly in our case, by attention to the present, here and now. 

PROVISION – with 200 videos on Youtube, 8 published books, audios on Spotify plus regular updated content on Facebook, Instagram and this website to tell you ABOUT it, the real provision is Spiritual presence itself which, God willing, may inform the Work.

INVITATION – As with all spiritual work, you are invited to join us in:  

1. Devotion to God 2. Prayer, meditation and study. 3. Service to others.   

All three are referred to constantly throughout our works .

Study might, first refer to the Scriptures, then maybe ‘Lives of the Saints’ and finally the life experience of those who’ve simply gone before.

Service depends on the servant, so we use the advice given to John as a young man, ‘To make whole, be whole’.

This, however, may need a lifetime to develop so, meanwhile, it could include supporting the efforts of others e.g. The Spiritual Unfoldment Charitable Trust.