Dear Friends, 

Some of you still enquire about retreats but – life is moving on. I’m getting old. Now, best endeavours don’t add up to much before the strengthening Spirit, and human involvement gives way to a more spiritual approach with less need to meet and speak. Spirit, the real teacher, is realised to communicate with us individually, secretly, exactly as we need – in silence. And so it is with love. 

Meditation helps us access Spirit so, God willing, I continue to meditate twice a day in Bakewell church, where each one of you is invited to join me, as often as you wish and life allows. Besides this, my availability may vary. But, for those far distant – how?  

Firstly, may I remind you of the 8 books, taken entirely from personal experience, which describe every stage of my spiritual journey from lonely youth to the great hope of love’s perfection – unity at last. While each life is unique, all yearn to love and be loved, and ‘Following my heart’ has led me through. I write also from the heart, and many have found that heart-felt outreach through my trials supports them in their own. And then, for those who prefer videos, nearly 300 on Youtube, surely cover just about all the big ‘life’ questions anyone can ask. What more can I write or say? 

Spiritual guidance never ends but leads us through stages to maturity. When one door closes, another opens. Jesus left this world in order to be with us always – ‘In Spirit’. There’s no need to fear we are abandoned. Spirit is not divided nor separated from us. As we approach, we find we need no other, but it’s seldom fully realised with alternatives on offer. If retreats are no longer available, may it call us to stand the more on our own feet – listen, look and be present in Spirit for ourselves – to discover the best friend we’ll ever have through life and death – simply here and now. 

God bless you

Visit John for silent meditation in Bakewell church

John invites you to join him for silent meditation in Bakewell church at 6am and 4pm each day. These are the next dates he is receiving visitors in 2024:

Wednesday July 3 to Wednesday July 10 2024

Please email us before you come with the date(s) and times of your visit. You will need to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements.

Contact the Visitors Coordinator Neil:

All Saints Church, South Church Street, Bakewell DE45 1FD
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Accommodation suggestions (to follow)
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Bakewell Camping and Caravanning Club

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