Mystic Approaches

“How can I best serve the world I love?”
The question led him deeply into prayer.

Following from and complementing his first book: Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment, John Butler goes back to the roots of his mystical experience in farming, close to nature and the present moment “now”.

Seeking to do the best for his farm but humbled by experience, he gradually came to understand that the only impediment to universal good is self-willed ego “me”.  This isn’t, as we know, so easy to control. Having learnt to meditate, he struggled with himself through many trials to find beyond his personal horizons, the ever widening freedom and providence of Spirit.

Mystic Approaches offers to its readers many striking and unusual bases for spiritual practice, pointers to perfection and insights from a life of meditative prayer.  Keeping his farmer’s feet firmly on the ground and writing entirely from simple, first hand observation, John opens up depths of understanding, often lost from religion and the intellectual mind.

Shocked by the weight of tractor tyres, the violence of machines, lightness of touch became necessity. Both then as a strong young farmer as now, in frailty, I try to pray, I’ve learned that the essence of good practice is the least, not most of “me”.

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