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Mystic Love – letters to Christine

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A true life romance of love’s hope, fidelity and ultimate perfection

From a vision of spiritual unity granted when he was 47, John still had to live out most of his life alone. How did he manage? From unrequited ‘I love you’, he struggled on through depths of loneliness, depression, loss, to all fulfilled in Spirit. From tortuous identity with ‘You and me’ to pure, total and forever name and formlessness, ‘Mystic Love – letters to Christine’ opens up all suffering for love to wholly indivisible perfection.

For all torn, broken or bereft - for widows, orphans and those who fear to lose - for lovers, frustrated or deprived, without the love they long for, ‘Mystic Love’ brings a message of hope. Covering 40 years, these letters describe the long, slow diminishing of separated ego ‘me’ before the dawning One.

A natural mystic, John Butler has practised meditation for over 60 years. He found his work as one of the first organic farmers … then a traveller / seeker, teacher, writer and, throughout – in ever expanding spiritual realisation.

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“Until recently, I was too shy to even think of publishing these letters but now, at the very end of life … why not? I’m old enough to know that other people have deep feelings, too and, maybe, unmasking mine will help them deal with theirs. I’d like to think so …” JB

"I've just finished 'Mystic Love'. It is a completely extraordinary achievement. I know nothing like it in the English language for power, pathos and its epic celebration of tenderness ... I hope it's widely read, and that it will prove a gateway for many to your other books. Thank you ... so very much for a truly remarkable, iconoclastic and enduring thing." CF

"OMG! What an astonishing ’tour de force’ on the highest of all themes … love. John – what a bold and courageous achievement to bare your soul, all for the love of love. May it be seeded in the world and bear much fruit. With grateful thanks - the illustrations are delightful too." PS

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