Mystic Beginnings

‘I’ll have no bond, no loyalty to any body save only the free spirit’

How can one live unfenced and free within limits of human existence? Or satisfy love’s insatiable need in a world of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’? Describing the long, slow development of spiritual awareness, ‘Mystic Beginnings’ leads the reader through John Butler’s boyhood and army days … to wide, open spaces in Australia, farming, injury and business … bursting out to ‘Make the world a better place’ and, chastened, to return … back to farming, meditation, first stormy days of marriage and, then, in 1984, at the age of 47 – to see a woman as he’d never seen before …

This book was written soon afterwards in an attempt to understand. You may order it here and at a special ‘double pack’ price with Mystic Apprentice here.

Note: you can order the Kindle version here.