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Surprisingly John has attracted the attention of a local newspaper. See here (opens in new browser tab). Here is the article:

A retired 82-year-old farmer from near Sheffield has become an unlikely YouTube sensation – after clocking up a whopping five million views for his videos and becoming a global favourite.

John Butler, who was an organic farmer in Lincolnshire and who now lives in Bakewell, has become an internet sensation across the globe in his twilight years, with viewers tuning in to see his regular updates discussing various matters and his spiritual insights.

His profile has been boosted by fans of ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response – in which viewers watch relaxing clips of people doing every day things and speaking in calm voices as a form of relaxation.

Softly-spoken John, who meditates every morning and night at the town’s All Saints Parish Church, has become such a favourite that fans now flock from around the globe to spend weekends chatting and meditating with him.

His Spiritual Unfoldment YouTube channel has more than 32,000 subscribers and his videos have clocked up nearly five million views.

The clips – simply titled Conversations with John Butler – show the bearded 82-year-old discussing his own life and his spiritual views on a number of different topics, normally inside Bakewell Church, but his journeys have taken him to Lanzarote, where he also recorded a number of videos with friend and cameraman Phil Shankland.

John, who has been practising meditation for over 50 years, has also written several books describing his experiences, Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment, Mystic Approaches, Mystic Forbearance, Mystic Beginnings, Mystic Apprentice and two small volumes entitled Mystic Verses.

In old age, after asking himself what he had of most value to leave behind, he started collating the many notes made throughout his life of his insights and experiences.

John Butler has become an unlikely YouTube star in his 80s.

He grew up in the countryside as a farmer, but his life later fell apart, leading to long periods of depression and searching for answers before devoting his life to spiritual work.

The videos see him addressing questions from the books as well as thoughts sent in by YouTube viewers.

Further information may be found at the website: and you can watch his videos HERE.

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